What we have done

Citrix Summit 2017

It was great to be invited back to present two session on Digital Transformation at Citrix Summit 2017 in Anaheim (positive audience feedback from 2016 presentations really does work).

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Video Stories

Technology makes capturing & publishing customer stories in real time relatively easy.  However the real skill is helping the customer to tell their story in 30-60 seconds.  Here is one example of work we have done for our friends at Sinefa.  Work for them from other events can be found here.

MC at #CloudSec Australia

It’s great delivering keynotes, however being the MC at an event whilst providing different challenges, is equally exciting.  I was privileged to be offered the opportunity to act at MC at the recent #CloudSec event in Sydney.

Cloud Insights

I worked with rhipe to create a series of short videos providing insights into the business transformation challenges that the cloud is creating. The following is one from the playlist that can be found here

Channel Leadership

In Dec 2014, I was invited to present over 2 days at the IDC Channel Leadership Council in San Mateo, California.  I shared research I had carried out on what was blocking cloud adoption in the channel (spoiler alert – the vendors own processes!!)

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Executive Conversation

An interview with Warren Nolan, Chief Commercial Officer at rhipe, during recent conference.  With the hectic surroundings it was all about creating a relaxed style to allow the ideas to flow.

Smart Questions Books

As a way to capture the ideas and lesson learnt from the past few years,I have written a number of books.  The standardised Smart Questions structure allows this to be done in a concise manner without having to worry about the normal look and feel issues.

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Investor Interviews

I work with Canary Networks to help with business growth strategy.  I also record short interviews with the executives who present at Canary Networks events.  Other examples are available here

Research Messaging

I was asked to be the external keynote for rhipe’s Cloud Summit series across ANZ.  This involved a research program to gather content, creating the presentations and delivering the keynote.  A copy of the Powerpoint can be found here



Corporate Microsoft

Whilst at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 I recorded this video on business model transformation with Jen Sieger, Partner Profitability Lead, Microsoft.

IDC Associate Researcher

I provide associate researcher and authoring services to the IDC worldwide channels team in Toronto.  A couple of examples are a recent eBook & an previous white paper commissioned by Microsoft.

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Zettagrid Keynote

An example of providing the lead off presentation at a service providers “to customer” event.  I set the industry scene to provide context for the services providers presentations.