Digital Transformation and Cloud Research – Summary of useful resources

(Stephen Parker, Digital Transformation Strategist)

During the year I spend time on stage sharing experience & advice about business (digital) transformation. To prepare for these I am constantly reviewing analyst reports, predictions etc and searching out interesting and relevant articles. This research adds “evidence” to the stories I am telling and also provides a rich source of “free to access” content that I can share with people who attend events I am presenting at.

However, as the list of resources got larger it started taking up multiple pages in a presentation. So, I decided to share the list as a blog post to the wider world and then share a link to this post at events. I trust that you will find this post useful and if you have any other great free resources then add a comment.

  • The date at the start of each link is a reference to when it was added to the list, not its original publication date.
  • There is no intended sort order for the resources listed
  • As far as I am aware all the resources listed are in the public domain and free to access. If you are the content owner and this is not correct, please let me know and I will remove immediately.
  • Listing articles in this blog in no way should be taken as an endorsement for the opinions, services, products etc of the organization/person who originally published the article

Business Change and Motivation

Analyst Reports and Research


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