Digital Transformation and Cloud Research – Summary of useful resources

(Stephen Parker, Digital Transformation Strategist)

Q3 CY 2018 updates (Grey)

May/June 2018 updates (purple) – what happened to Q1

Jan 2018 update (Green) – its been a while since last update but…

September/October 2017 update (items in lime)

July/August 2017 update (items in royal blue)

June 2017 update (items in red)

April 2017 update (items in plum!)

March 2017 update (items in orange) [10]

February 2017 update (items in green) [19]

January 2017 original post (2017-01-06) [45]

During the year I spend time on stage sharing experience & advice about business (digital) transformation. To prepare for the year ahead, I spend time over the Christmas and New Year reviewing analyst reports and predictions for the coming year and then searching out interesting and relevant articles.  This research adds “evidence” to the stories I am telling and also provides a rich source of “free to access” content that I can share with people who attend events I am presenting at.

However this year the list of resources has got so large that it would take up multiple pages in a presentation and it will grow as the year progresses (see update notes above).

So I have decided to share the list as a blog post to the wider world and then share a link to this post at events.  I trust that if you find this post that it is useful and if you have any other great free resources then add a comment.

ps there is no intended sort order for the resources listed

pps as far as I am aware all the resources listed are in the public domain and free to access.  If you are the content owner and this is not correct, please let me know and I will remove immediately.

Business Change and Motivation

Analyst Reports and Research


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