Who or what is stealing all the internet bandwidth? (Part 2 – Installation)

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Sinefa Probe – Installation experience

My need was for a simple way to gain insights into problems with my network.  (See why I started this journey Part 1 – Needs). This is my experience with installation of a Sinefa (www.sinefa.com) network probe.

Let’s keep this short: I struggle to see how installation could be made any easier. The probe comes pre-configured and all you need to do is follow the simple 3 step guide that comes with the probe:

  1. Log into your account and add the probe (https://app.sinefa.com)
    • When you order the probe online you create an account and login details
    • This also means that when I logged in the probe had already been added to my account
  2. Add the probe into the network inline between your router/firewall and rest of the network (switch/hub/wireless)
    • This video shows how easy this is:
  3. Go back to your account and there should be a subscribe button on the row of your probe that will activate it

That’s it – easy

DISCLOSURE: Sinefa provided me with one of their SF200 probes on a 90 day trial to allow me to carry out this review.


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